Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – First look at Blackbeard’s ship

Here is our first look at the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship Blackbeard captained. It is in dry dock at Point Barber, Hawaii for Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides.

Ian McShane (Lovejoy, Deadwood, Death Race, Coraline) is playing Blackbeard opposite Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow.

There is also the photo at the bottom which shows the Black Pearl – is it flying Blackbeard’s flag?

Thanks to Pam for sending me the photos. Looks like things are gathering pace on the production as filming began this week. Hopefully, we should get more photos soon.

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  1. cinderella /

    ¡Que bonito,parece que yo siempre habia soñado con un barco pirata así¡ Me gustaría muchísimo montar en ese barco contigo y dar la la vuelta al mundo en el contigo,veríamos paisajes preciosos.

  2. cinderella /

    Deseo que sea la mejor de las 4 pel’iculas de Piratas del caribe,seguro que será superdivertida y llena de aventuras

  3. The Queen Anne’s Revenge, is the Black Pearl. Watch it better. They just have painted it and they have put a floor. And in the windows in cabin, they have made some changes.

  4. Sara /

    I passed the beach where they were filming yesterday. (:

  5. 😮 BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR POTC4!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Are they actually doing another trilogy, is that definite?

    Anyone read the book? I heard they were doing something with Captain Nemo and a flying island (possibly Laputa), are they in the book or are they ideas for possible further sequels?

    • I read On Stranger Tides years ago and loved it. However, there are no mermaids in it and it got qwuite dark in places. If they did follow the book and have Jack Sparrow as the Jack Shandy character then it would be more of an origin tale for the character. I don’t think they are doing that, but would be cool if they had some flashbacks to the man he once was (a puppeteer).

      Nemo and Laputa are not mentioned, but if they do find the Fountain of Youth then we could have Capt Jack cropping up in many other ages….Hmmm, anyone want to start a theory that all of Johnny Depp’s characters in all his films are actually Capt Jack?

  7. I heard a daft rumour AAAAGES ago that in the next National Treasure movie Nicholas Cage would find the fountain of youth and sitting arguing at it would be Jack Sparrow and Barbosa!

  8. pam fruendt /

    perfect. just perfect.

  9. Jeanette /

    I am so very happy to see Johnny Depp acting and staring in this movie. I enjoyed the past movies that he made, especially ” Public Enemies ” as Johnny Dillenger. I found this movie to be so realistic as well as very sad at the end, because he was all alone.
    I hope he makes movies in the areas of happy ones, but still liked the Public Enemies the best in Drama, Alice in Wonderland is so very special, love these two about the best.

  10. Jeanette /

    I meant that he died all alone in the movie Public Enemies. As well, I did not like Christian Bale, he was to cold and mean, the F.B.I. should not claim to be heroes here, because they had to wait till he was all alone before they shot him. I know, it’s just a story, but still!

  11. Photos that my friend took.


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