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Cool Minimalist Posters: Doctor Who

Check out these excellent posters based on Doctor Who – Matt Smith and David Tennant’s Doctor. They are by Karma Orange and spotted by the always fantastic ScyfiLove. I do like River Song’s Sonic Screwdriver and the Dalek and Cybermen posters are great in their simplicity.

  • http://www.karmaorange.com Karma Orange


    I want to thank you for this article.
    I am delighted to see how many people appreciate my work and specially this series.

    Again thank you.

    I provide (verys soon) free HD files from my posters so that people who want to print.

    Thank you

    Karma Orange

    • http://www.liveforfilms.com liveforfilms

      Thanks very much for doing such splendid art work

  • http://www.dakegra.net Dave