Christian Alvart has plans for a Pandorum trilogy – You can make it happen


Pandorum was a great sci-fi movie from last year. Christian Alvart directed it and it starred Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Cam Gigandet, Antje Traue and Cung Le. Mrs Live for Films got it on Blu-Ray for my Birthday and I will be watching it with some friends next week. It was also one of the first films where the studio asked me to take down a poster I had put on the site before it had been officially released.

The basic synopsis was “A pair of crew members aboard a spaceship wake up with no knowledge of their mission or their identities.”

To tell you much more would spoil the surprise (although there are spoilers ahead so be warned).

Alvart has started a Facebook group – 500,000 to get PANDORUM sequel – To help reassure the producers to make sure a sequel comes out.

It turns out that there are plans for a trilogy of films with Pandorum being the middle of the story.

The always excellent Quiet Earth spoke to Christian Alvart to see what he had planned for the prequel and sequel.

“I just found that facebook group myself and thought ‘you know what: crazier things have happened in the movie business.'”

“I never made it a secret that I originally wanted PANDORUM to be the middle chapter in a trilogy. I feel we haven’t even scratched the surface of the more interesting concepts that are unique to our story universe.”

“The second one would actually be a prequel, starting with Gallo and some new characters on Earth while the mission is being prepped and ending with him and a new kickass protagonist fighting it out on the ship. As we know Gallo wins this one, but there are some great revelations about the mission as well as Leland’s tank and the fate of a few characters that we would meet again in part 3. The movie ends with older Gallo killing Payton and setting the things in motion that we witnesses in PANDORUM.”

“Part three would be the direct sequel to PANDORUM and unite the characters from 1 & 2 to fight against all odds to build a new civilization on Tanis which is more hostile than they thought. They also have to return to the wrecked ship to get all the stuff they need to survive and colonize.
The prequel would be a psychological sci-fi thriller (no monsters). The finale would be psychological as well (our biggest enemy is our own behavior) but would have some all-out war scenes on Tanis on a greater scale. So probably a sci-fi war movie. All three will share scary moments though. That’s all I want to give away for now.”

“As people discover the film, I hope they also discover ways to support the “trilogy”. The Facebook page is a good start and maybe that’ll lead to test the stories in graphic novel form and ultimately become the movies I’d love for you to see!”

Personally I think that all sounds very cool indeed and would love to see the prequel and the sequel.

Did you enjoy Pandorum? Would you want a trilogy?

500,000 to get PANDORUM sequel
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  1. Nice. SOmewhere to finally have a Pandorum love in.

    My mates thought I was mental buying the BLu on day of release, after we’d seen it at the flicks.

    I really liked it though.

    It has Dennis Freaking Quaid in it!

    Now… If they’d only make Enemy Mine II

    • Oh no you didn’t! Enemy Mine 2 would be brilliant. I loved the original.

      “Daaahweeech. There is no… shppoooooooon… ”

      Love it. Haven’t seen the movie in years though

      • Ha.

        It was on Sky HD the other night.

        I saved it. And will keep it forever.

        I still find the baby thing a bit odd. But I have to let it go. Because it’s got Dennis Fricking Quaid in it!

  2. I thought the set design was probably the best part of the movie. I enjoyed it but probably in spite of itself. It started off well and had some good ideas but it never seemed to manage to sustain itself. All that split personality stuff was the worst part of the film too.

    I did hear they wanted to do more films but didn’t realize that one would be a prequel. I thought it would be that there was some kind of aliens on Tanis because all the monsters on the ship seemed to have been killed.

    • I’m chatty with one of the set designers on twitter, Phil.

      She was really chuffed, when before I knew, I said the sets were the best thing.

      I agree with what you say, but I was expecting resident Evil – and think it’s a couple of notches up from that.

      Plus it has Dennis Qua…

  3. Yeah this movie took me buy surprise. Looks great, Stan Winston studios did the effects work. Totally down for more.

  4. Russ Trew /

    Imagine my horror when i realise that the plot was very similar to the book series i have fermenting in my head.

    Trilogy looks like a fine idea though – a prequel to explain the earth story, and a sequel to build on the start of new humanity on Tallis.

    I’ll look forward to hearing more on this. And i’ll certainly be joining the fb group.


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