L5 – New science fiction mini series could be amazing


If you like hard science fiction, those scenes in films and books where people are looking around strange places trying to figure out what happened to everyone, Rendevouz With Rama or just cool looking space imagery then this could well be for you.

If you are not sure whether it will be realistic enough the director, Stanley Von Medvey, began as an astrophysics student at the University of Chicago. He designed small payloads for the space shuttle and NASA’s sounding rocket program. He knows his stuff.

Imagine returning from an exhausting adventure only to find that your home is abandoned, empty. Not just your home, but your neighborhood, your city, in fact, everyone, everywhere, seems to be missing. This is what happens to the crew of the first manned mission to Barnard’s Star – they return after awakening from suspended animation to find that their ship-board AI has sent them on a relativistic tour of the stellar neighborhood while they slumbered, dilating time so severely that nearly 200 years have passed on Earth. After coming to, they discover their vessel is adrift at LaGrange point 5, within visual range of a vast O’neill cylinder-colony. The night side of the Earth shows no lights, and no one answers their calls across all frequencies. They have no choice but to dock with the colony and explore its cavernous interior in the hopes of finding help. When they find the colony to be airless and devoid of life, the remains of human civilization baking in the Sun for decades, their predicament becomes even more dire. Following in the traditions of great legendary hard science fiction, their exploration of this relic of their own civilization will take them on a trans-humanistic and spiritual sojourn.

L5 is a hard science fiction dramatic miniseries for online distribution. The first episode of the miniseries will be 10 minutes, and will depict the late homecoming of the astronauts and the first steps towards exploring the interior of L5.

They are currently trying to get funding together to get this off the ground. Click on the L5 image below for more info. Below that is some of the concept art for the show.

Thanks to Mike Dowsell for pointing this out.

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