They’re almost here, but who are they?

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Who? What? Why? Apparently things will become clearer on 10.10.10.

Do you have any idea what it is all about?

10.10.10 is almost upon us. Have you made contact yet? They’re Here….We’re Here

MovieViral spoke to the film’s creators and picked up some interesting information.

MV: What made you choose Aurebesh (the Star Wars basic language) for the alien text on the official website?
TH: This language was chosen as it meant a great deal to one of our lead cast members, owing to their previous roles. In addition, we felt it would be interesting to see if anybody attempted translation. Great bit of fun.

MV: Can you tell us anything about the film’s plot?
TH: I suppose like a lot of films it is about coming home and what you find when you get there. Furthermore, it is about looking beyond the surface to see the truth, getting that feeling that something that has always been there is not quite what you thought it was. It is like a memory that one day has little significance and the next day comes to life, making you realise why it stuck in your head for so long.

I spoke to They’re Here on Twitter and asked for a clue. They responded with this.

One of the lead stars may be more used to the line “They’re coming in!” than “They’re Here”

Could that be linked to Luke Skywalker who says “They’re coming in too fast!” during the attack on the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Tie that into the fact they are using Aurebesh does that mean Mark Hamill is in the movie?

I also translated the Aurebesh text in the image above and it comes out as “Time Waits for No-One.”

They’re Here also sent me the opening line to the film – “Humankind has spent millenia wondering if we are alone in the universe”


  1. I have it from a friend who met Hamill recently at a Arkham City press thing, that this involves Hamill and centres around a guy who believes he is friends with Luke Skywalker, who goes everywhere with him. Much like “Looking for Eric” did with Cantona. Hamill encourages him to confront the government over alien sightings in Bonnybridge, it is apparently very funny.

  2. Andy Bell /

    Checked out Hamill’s IMDB etc, no mention of this. However, I asked a friend of mine who works in Movie PR to look into it and he says that people close to Hamill did not deny this. Also, he reckons more than one Star Wars alumni is involved. Who else? I’d say it must be a cult figure, David Prowse perhaps? Imagine Prowse and Hamill fighting it out like the Devil and the Angel on somebody’s shoulders…wow!

    Could Live for Films get on the case? Would love to find out more before the countdown ends, see what we can expect. It sounds like a killer comedy. Quite excited for this now…..roll on 10.10.10!!!

  3. Andy Bell /

    Awesome…would love to see what Hamill has to say on this. Surely he cannot remain tight lipped until 10.10.10, do you think this will only be online or do you think that will be an intro to a cinema release at a later date?

  4. Andy Bell /

    Any news on this one? I have been hunting all day long…no word back from anybody close to Hamill on this at my end.