Highlander reboot – Vinnie Jones as the Kurgan?

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The original Highlander was a great movie. Good story, great fights, superb villain, Christopher Lambert’s dodgy accent and Sean Connery as an Spanish Egyptian type character with a Scottish accent. What’s not to love.

The sequels were not so good. They messed around with what had gone before and didn’t make a whole lot of sense. The Highlander TV show was a bit better.

Work is moving ahead on Highlander: The Reckoning which will be the sixth in the film series. Justin Lin (Fast and Furious) is to direct. Iron Man screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway are working on the script.

However it looks as if it will be a reboot of the 1986 film and will follow the story of an Immortal from the highlands of Scotland, once trained by ancient Immortal Ramirez, fighting in modern times against other immortals in a “contest” called the Gathering; a contest whose ultimate end line is that there can be only one.

A reboot is the only way I can see a new Highlander film working, but the rumor mentioned by CBM that Vinnie Jones could be the Kurgan is just a dreadful thought. Jones works in certain roles, but I really cannot see him filling the boots of Clancy Brown’s iconic turn. I can just hear Vinnie now – “I’m the Kurgan, Bitch!”

What are your thoughts on a Highlander reboot? Who should play McCloud and Ramirez? Who would be the best actor to play the Kurgan? Should they try and bring together the sci-fi and fantasy elements that the various sequels brought up?