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Green Lantern Trailer recut

Not that different from the full trailer, but arttron had this to say about it. “I took out all the “Comedy and Talking” I just re worked the action and Sci Fi scenes and added different Music”

  • http://diaryofamaverickledger.blogspot.com/ @maverick99sback

    Christ. The power of a trailer, eh?

    Great job.

  • Pat

    hm.. not to impressed but its telling that whoever made it specifically cut out all of the scens with the stupid sidekick character/comedic relief and actually most scenes with blake.

  • http://www.cinetalk.tv Shaun

    Clearly not a Green Lantern fan. Removing all the comedy and talking is removing the core of Hal Jordan. Good job on re-cutting the trailer though, its put together well.

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