Dredd – New photos from Mega-City One and a casting call

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Here are some photos from the set of the Judge Dredd film, Dredd, that is shooting in Cape Town, South Africa.

Karl Urban stars as Dredd. In these new photos we can see some of the Mega-City One signs and vehicles.

I love 2000AD and Judge Dredd, but I must say I am a bit unimpressed with the vehicles on show. I think it is because they look, well they are, vans from this day and age with a few bits and pieces on them. The Stallone version of Judge Dredd had a lot of faults, but at least all the cars and vehicles looked cool and futuristic. I want big fat tyres and things like that.

Judge Dredd Movie News also had this casting call news. Spoilers ahead. I’ve read the script, or an early version of it. I really enjoyed it although it dropped into many action movie cliches in the end, but it did have a good feel to it. Many of the characters below feature in the script I read so not many changes in that regard.

The South African production company is Kalahari Pictures (Rena Films) in co-production with the UK company, DNA Films (producers of “28 Days Later”, “28 Weeks Later”, “Sunshine”, “Trainspotting” etc…).
Michael Murphey is the co-producer (“District 9”), Pete Travis is the director (“Vantage Point” and “Endgame”) and Denton Douglas is the casting director (“District 9”).

1) JOEY – 9-11 years old; male; any race; something mischievous about him without losing his sense of innocence; smart and able to take some direction; any race

2) YOUNG CLAN TECHIE – 11-12 years old; male; small build; an air of innocence whilst also possessing a fragility about him; smart and able to take some direction; any race

3) SKATER GIRLS – 15-17 years old; females; should look 15 or 16 years old; need not know how to skate; should look cute but also cheeky and have some acting ability; smart and able to take some direction; any race

We are also still looking to fill some other older speaking roles. Please see a brief for them below:

4) PARAMEDIC – 40-65 years old; Male; Black/Coloured/Indian; Clear and authoritative voice; Healthy Physique; This is a large role and it would be great to have someone of high calibre.

5) CALEB – 36-45 years old; Male; Any race; Good physique; Average height; This is a large role and it would be great to have someone of high calibre

6) MA-MA – 45-55 years old; Female; Any Race; This is the second largest female role and it would be great to have someone of high calibre and with a good American accent

7) CHIEF JUDGE – 45-55 years old; Female; Black/Coloured/Indian; Healthy physique; This is the second largest female role and it would be great to have someone of high calibre and with a good American accent

Source: Bleeding Cool, Judge Dredd Movie News


  1. These pics haven’t impressed anyone by the sound of things. I’m holding off judgement. The producers promised a more gritty, urban Dredd and it looks like that’s the direction they are heading in.

    It is a bit weird because those police vehicles look like they are based on South African police vans. I grew up with them cruising the streets. And believe me during apartheid those vehicles were feared and symbolic of a big brother oppressive society. So it’s make complete sense to me. Mad Max anyone?

  2. The reason they’re not impressing anyone is they’re totally at odds with the concept of Judge Dredd. It’s high concept sci-fi. Dredd’s world does NOT feature 20th century vehicles. Justice Dept is this huge government body with access to the most sophisticated weaponry, vehicles etc. They do not patrol the streets in Dog Catcher type vehicles. This sort of look is outrageous. Bit of an insult to all the fans, I’m sorry to say.

  3. Totally agreeing with Jane. I had no problem with the pic of Karl Urban in his Dredd uniform — that naugahyde-fake leather-look was tolerable. But these cars shout “totally missing the point” to me.

    I don’t want flying vehicles in the real world, but I want my flying motorbikes in my Judge Dredd movies!

    (It’s getting to the point where I’m beginning to suspect we’ll all end up praising the Stallone Dredd movie.)

    • Mega City One in Stallone’s Dredd movie at least had the futuristic look of the comic. We need to see some more photos or footage from the set.

  4. I really liked Stallones version, anyway!

    *Grabs coat*

    • For the first 10 minutes of Stallone’s Dredd when they have the block war going on I thought they had a good film going on. The look of the City, vehicles and weapons was very well done.

      Then it just dropped the ball and he took his Helmet off

  5. Remember the real origin of RoboCop? That the writers wanted to do Judge Dredd, couldn’t get the rights, so they filed off the serial numbers and rewrote the script into RoboCop?

    These pictures make me think that the new Dredd movie will look and feel more like RoboCop than like Judge Dredd.

  6. I’m ignoring the big helmet Dredd picture and the fact no one acknowledged my “The producers promised a more gritty, (Karl) urban Dredd” Boom tcha!


    X = (Glossy+polished+got the look just right ) = (lots of spent money + High risk)
    Y = story to reach all markets in order to make money back
    X+Y = (Show business # Stallone already did that we didn’t like it)


    A = (Less money spent, more gritty) = (less risk ,so can focus on a story that will appease a more adult, and smaller nice i.e. fan audience)

    • I have checked your working out and it all seems in order.

      You are of course correct. I, and others have panicked at the site of a few cars. Gritty will be good

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