Monday Meltdown

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The outpourings of a brain trying to forget what day it is.
Live For Films accepts no responsibility for the nonsense contained within.

So the Hobbit is delayed yet again?

Oh sweet Ringwraiths…will this film ever begin production?

Actually, scrap that. I don’t think I want it to. Beset by problems from the start, now adding characters at random? Not sure if this will indeed be the enchanting prequel to the Lord of the Rings it is supposed to be, or if instead it’ll end up pulling its tiny trousers down and peeing all over the memory of Tolkien.

While I loved Fellowship of the Ring, and liked the other two…I do have this horrible feeling Martin Freeman will make me enter some kind of whiskey-induced period of psychosis in which I attack the Mordor-inspired tattoo of my youth with steel wool, screaming “damn you all to HELL” over and over, perhaps even ripping off my skin like Meatloaf in Dario Argento’s Pelts.

Anyway, that aside, I really do hope Peter Jackson returns to health and makes a speedy recovery. Get well soon, oh bearded one…our thoughts are with you.

Today sees the last day for entries to Live for Films “At the Mountains of Madness” poster design challenge, and while I don’t think I’m really allowed to enter, I can’t let an opportunity to formulate some kind of photoshop/paintbox mayhem pass me by, so here’s mine:

I’m pretty sure there’s a giant Cthulhu behind that second mountain range, but with regards to the rest of the picture above? I don’t have an excuse for it, other than a good few glasses of wine.

Which also seems to be the excuse Nacho Vigalondo might be using for tweeting out some rather strange comments regarding the holocaust. I don’t speak Spanish, and Google translate was always going to be a bit hit and miss with regards to colloquialisms so can make out only random phrases in amongst – possibly – retweets of fury? Ill-advised jokey attempt to test your followers or not, put the wine away love! You’re too high profile to be saying inflammatory things while drunk on a public forum. There are enough of us nobodies out there doing that already. You crazy, time travel-riffing maniac!

I’m not sure what was actually going on, but if anyone speaks Spanish and can clarify…feel free to comment away and assure me everything is okay. Rather loved TimeCrimes.

Now, I’m going back to that Cavefight idea. Good morning. I mean good night. Oh forget it. Time is irrelevant on a Monday.

Have a good one. Now go and get yer Lovecraft on!


  1. Friendly Spanish Translator /

    Vigalondo said “Now that I´ve got 5o thousand followers and I´ve drunk four wines, It´s time to reveal my real message: Holocaust was a fake!”. It´s an obvious joke, as he does usually in his twitter account, but many people took it seriously this time.
    And the negative reactions were even more hilarious. Some people seemed to believe the whole Vigalondo filmography was a sophisticated cover.
    He also wrote conspirancy surrealism like: “Now that I´ve got 50 thousand followers, It´s time to say the magic bullet that killed Kennedy hasn´t landed yet”.

    • Thank you, Friendly Spanish Translator! 😀

      A slightly tipsy joke that went down like a lead balloon?
      Surely if he makes a habit of spouting similar stuff, people would be alert to his trickster-like ways?
      Mind you, I forgot – there really is no room for sarcasm or irony on there at times…even a bit of self deprecating humour can bring a flood of tweets from people who think you may be suicidal…O_o

      Sometimes I worry for the human race, I really do.
      Well, not all of them – just the few that use twitter and take everything on it too literally.

      Thank you again, I can remain happy in my love of TimeCrimes, and await Extraterreste with glee!

  2. These are the kind of posts that I love. More MondoGhosto, more I say.

    PS did you catch Jim Carrey gurning on Dead Pool with Liam Neeson this weekend?