3D TV. Is it worth it?

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Adam Truscott writes for Live for Films.

The One Where I See The World In 3D Now.

My phone buzzes. I’m trying to calibrate my new 3D TV. A Samsung C7000. 50″ Plasma. 1080p/ 600Hz.
Hmm… That’s what answer phones are for, right?
Then… a voice…
Answer the phone, Mav. Answer the phone… (Then, more annoyingly, and in quick succession… pick up-pick up-pick up-pick up
I pick up…
“Hey it’s me”
“Um… God?”
“Phil, you Jerk. I see you have your new TV”
“Oh… yeah… wait… how did you know?”
“That’s not important. I’d like you to do a tech review”
“A what?”
“A review for everyone to know what you think of it. Was it worth it?”
“Well… I only had a basic 50” Samsung Plasma before. It was only 1080i. I’m not very “Techy”…”
“Yes you are. You bought an iPad yesterday. And Apple TV.”
“Oh… wait. WAIT. How did you know that??”
“That’s not important. Was it worth it?”
“Well, it’s 1080p. It’s 600Hz, (which from the true Techy guys is the TV tricking itself to make the image look smoother)… Seriously… I’m not your guy for this… Can I interview a Page 3 Model? That I could do”
“Was it worth it?”
“Um… Well, I booted it up, and immediately the colours blew my other TV out of the water. I loaded Piranha 3D up, and the 3D looked better than the Cinema. The credits (bright yellow), still looked odd. Not sure whether that was getting used to it, or where they added it in late. When it all settles, it looked great. The glasses flicked on, and the depth was there for all to see. What I really like was that the colour didn’t suffer, like I noticed in the Cinema.”
“Was it worth it?”
“Well, I loaded Kill Zone 3, and it looked stunning. It’s disconcerting to play a game with 3D glasses on, but then you forget they’re there. I also messed around converting the PS3 XMB bar into 3D. I loved it. I have the Uncharted background, with the sand dunes… Stunning. I was really impressed. I later watched Spurs, and converted that. Same again. The conversion was great. It makes an even bigger mockery of why they are “post converting” movies. They don’t need too, if the TV converts as well as this.”
“Was it worth it?”
“Well, I subscribed to Sky 3D, and am really impressed with that, too. United are on Tuesday night, but logistically I am watching that in Town. In a house that is cursed for United results. And with a 2D TV. I’m re-assessing whether I want to be friends with him.”
“Was it worth it?”
“You see, when I was in London, the seed was planted. GC took the piss out of my 1080i TV, and from someone that hadn’t even seen Avatar, it was tough to take. He isn’t into films like I am. Yet he had a much, much better (albeit much much smaller TV. 40”), TV. Pfft. Then there was me with my 50”, not even watching Blueys in true HD. I have about 200 Blueys… so isn’t that a false economy?  I started looking. Ma and Pa wanted a 50”, so I agreed they could have mine, then started looking. I came to this one, as a result of reviews saying around my price bracket, this would give me all I needed to improve on my old TV. The 3D makes it “future proof”, until Jim Cameron finds a way of making them glassless (5/10 years?). So I did it. I’m lucky to be a Manager in the perfect shop. I went down every day speaking to different people about TVs. Getting demos. Looking at the 3D. You see, I’m not techy. I just love tech. I was looking at the budget Samsung, and thinking, “that would do me”. Of course I’d love a Panny in every room, but twice/threetimes the amount? No sale. I’ll be putting this TV in a spare room in the next few years. Just keep ticking over. Why spend a huge amount knowing that?
“Are you even still there?”
“Oh. Yeah. Um… Was it… No wait, you answered that. Um. Write a review. Ramble less. Etc.”
“Oh. A review. I’m kind of busy replying to my Manhunter review. I’m a bit busy.”
“Maybe you just reviewed it”
“Oh. Maybe I did.”
“And like that, I’m gone.”
“WAIT. Phil… Are you… “The Chairman”?”
“Haha. Is that a… yes…?”
And, as every conversation with Phil ends, he’s gone.
I love my new TV. I went “budget”. You can pay a fortune. I guess it depends on personal circumstances. Am I pleased I can now watch Avatar as it was meant to be seen, though? Absolutely.
Am I pleased I can know I can watch football/sports in 3D, even though I’m not at my house? Absolutely.
Am I pleased I can convert Babestation from 2D to 3D?