Smallville’s Tom Welling may be a Marvel Superhero

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Smallville is almost at an end which means that Tom Welling (Clark Kent) is looking for his next gig.

It looks as if Welling may have the option to move from the DC Comic Book hero to one of Marvel’s as it turns out Marvel Studios are keen to get him on board.

No word on what character he would be playing yet Hollywood Insider mention that Marvel are developing films based on Deathlok, Runaways and Doctor Strange. Could Welling be Strange?

They also mention a few other film and TV projects that Welling may be up for.

Welling has also been checked out for a “new Snow White film that Kristen Stewart is doing” but that film, Snow White and the Huntsman, found it’s leading man this week in Thor star Chris Hemsworth.

And then there’s an Allen Quartermain reboot that Smallville vet Alfted Gough is producing. Gough is apparently quite keen on working with the 34 year old actor, and executive producer of cheerleading series Hellcats, again and there’s been talk of Welling doing this one. Sam Worthington had been previously attached to play the lead role, so one can only assume that Worthington is no longer onboard, that the studio are keeping their options open (Gough would be, as expected, keener on casting Welling no doubt) or there’s a juicy supporting role in there that calls for a ‘Clark Kent’ type.

I can’t really see Tom as Dr Strange and I can’t really think what Marvel Character he would be a good fit for.

Do you think another superhero is the best way for Welling to go? Would you like to see him as a Marvel Superhero – if so which one?