Hammer Horror Busts – Dracula, Van Helsing and Countess Dracula

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If you are a fan of the old Hammer horror movies and of course you all are, then take a look at these lovely Hammer Horror Masterpiece Collection mini-busts from Titan.

Topless Robot had the pic:

That’s Christopher Lee as Dracula in the middle, of course, Peter Cushing as Van Helsing on the left, and Ingrid Pitt as the sexy/blood-bathing/sexily blood-bathing Elizabeth Bathory from Countess Dracula. They’re $80 each, Dracula’s due out in October, and the other two in November.

So you can now own a bust featuring Ingrid Pitt’s bust.

They are a cracking set….the mini-busts not Pitt’s bust…Behave the lot of you.

Some great sculpting on them all and I think the Van Helsing on is my favourite although I would love to own them all.