The Dark Knight Rises prologue & Batphone

Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to see the 6 minute prologue of The Dark Knight Rises at the BFI IMAX in London. It’s the same prologue that was premiered yesterday in New York City with Christopher Nolan in attendance.

To be clear, I am not going to write any spoilers here. Firstly it’s not my style, secondly if you want spoilers there has already been plenty written online and thirdly this isn’t just a trailer it’s the first 6 mins of the movie, so not just the odd nugget of information.

The prologue was introduced by Emma Thomas, producer on all three of Nolan’s Batman movies. She mentioned that Nolan was a huge fan of IMAX movies, that it reminded him of his childhood, so he is very keen to see TDKR released in as many of the 100 IMAX cinemas globally, in order that, where possible, the film can be viewed in the directors preferred format. With apparently 20mins of the film shot specifically for IMAX this has to be a must.

If you haven’t watched an IMAX movie (why not?) this will most definitely be a worthy contender to pop that cherry. From the super widescreen shots to the in your face action scene TDKR opens with an “arial” stunt that rivals any you’ve seen for originality.

The big question I’ve been asked several times already is “Can you understand Bane”¬†unfortunately as widely reported, the answer is “What?”. As many have pointed out you simply can’t hear what Bane is saying. Now it is possible that some of this is down to the “background noise” inside an airplane, however I was aware of this “issue” and paid particular attention to Bane’s dialogue, yet still only managed to pick up a few words. This is of course helped in no way by the fact that his lips are covered by his “mouth piece”. I am confident that Nolan will rectify this for the film release, it would be very easy to rerecord if necessary, as there are no concerns with lip syncing.

It does seem that the Bane vocals have over shadowed the excitement surrounding prologue footage. Well, to be honest that is somewhat understandable, they are a key factor and without them, the impact of the scene is lost. Don’t get me wrong, the superwide screen footage looks awesome and the original action set piece is loud ‘n’ “flighty”, it just didn’t have that holy crap factor I was hoping for. That said from what I have seen of the leaked set filming and the mini trailer after the prologue, plus of course that it’s Christopher Nolan’s Batman, you know it’s gonna be good!

As if my day wasn’t good enough, prior to being taken to the screening, the amazing peeps at Nokia & Warner Bros, gave myself and a few other guys a very very limited (promo only 40 in the world) The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 800. So I am now going to try out my new “Batphone”. Photo below¬†just in case there are any Batfans out there.

The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 800 Limited Addition

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