Green Arrow TV show gets a Black Canary


It was recently announced that Stephen Amell would be playing Oliver Queen in the CW show Arrow.

We now have some more casting news about the character of Dinah Lance. Supernatural’s Katie Cassidy has the role and here is a description of the character.

Dinah “Laurel” Lance: 28 years old, smart sexy, Laurel is a legal aid attorney determined to use her life as a one-woman war against the 1% following the death of her younger sister Sara. A sister, who as luck would have it, just so happened to have died aboard Oliver’s yacht.

In the comic Dinah is the superhero known as Black Canary – a martial arts expert with a sonic scream. Going from the character description and the previous reports that they are going for a realistic type of show (with everyone being beautiful!) above I doubt we will be seeing Katie Cassidy dressing like this any time soon.

Susanna Thompson has been cast as Oliver’s mother, Moira Queen. The pilot will be directed by David Nutter and is written/executive produced by Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim.

Source: Deadline via CBM