Trailer for Static Shock: Blackout Fan Film


Static was created by the late Dwayne McDuffie for Milestone Comics (part of DC Comics). Like most of the Milestone titles it was a great read (go to your local comic shop and pick up the back issues) and Static also appeared in the Batman cartoons before getting his own animated series.

It is a year since McDuffie’s death and the current Static Shock comic book will soon be coming to an end, but Virgil Hawkins will be taking to the air on a piece of metal once more in this cool looking fan film, Static Shock: Blackout.

Daisy Watkins, an up and coming news reporter from New York, travels to perilous Dakota City to be the first to discover the name of a teenage vigilante with paranormal abilities.

The movie will be distributed online for free, as a fan film and will not be used for any profitable or commercial purposes outside of that.

Here is the trailer and the full 12-minute film will be out next month.

Let me know what you thought of the trailer.

The film cost $5000 to make and used the RED camera.

Stefan Dezil as Virgil Hawkins aka Static
Nadine Malouf as Daisy Watkins
Christina Wren as Frieda Goren
Albert Darwin as Enzo
Garencha Altidor as Larry Wade aka Ebon
Henry Paul as Joseph Black
Fritz Mason as Dre

Written and Directed by: Stefan Dezil
Director of Photography: Jaron Lopez

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Source: Comics Alliance