New Riddick set photo has a reflective Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel has posted another image from the third Riddick film over on Facebook. He also posted these words with it.

Despite the fact, that this by far is the most physical of roles that I have played… I decided to show a picture you might never see… a candid, of me in between a lighting set up, just reflecting…

It has been sometime now since I have ventured to that place, where the Furyan dwells… It is strange how learning about myself always coincides with playing the character, which has never been more true than in this experience… but, I will explain that some other day when I am beyond this journey.

It was early yesterday morning when our production week ended, the Director and handful from the crew were recapping/celebrating the weeks accomplishments, when someone asked why I had to make this film. The Director who has known me for almost 15 years said quickly… “with Vin, it is all about the promise, if he says he will make it, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, he will.”

While I was shooting “Find me Guilty”, in 2004, we often had visitors who viewed the process like it was a stage performance, haha… it very much reminded me of the off broadway theatre days of my youth. One regular, was an elderly fella named Charlie, he was my favorite of guests, he actually grew up near the set which happened to be the same place that Marlon Brando filmed “On the Waterfront” half a century ago. I appreciated his visits in particular, he had a positive, encouraging energy and he always left with the same words… “No one will bring the truth and spirit of the character like you… you must do it!” He was referring to Hannibal the Conqueror… he actually bought a ticket to the Warner Bros’ version starring Victor Mature in the 1950’s.

My friend Charlie passed away this morning, peacefully in his sleep… a prayer and a farewell… and yes my old friend Charlie…

We will find a way, or We will make one!

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