The American Sherlock show gets a female Dr. Watson


When I posted the news that the US version of Sherlock, Elementary, would be starring Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes I ended the post with this comment.

How do you feel about Sherlock in the US? Who will play Watson? I bet you they will make Watson a woman.

Turns out I was 100% correct as Deadline have the news that Lucy Liu will be playing Dr Joan Watson.

The project, written by Robert Doherty, is set in present day and stars Jonny Lee Miller as eccentric Brit Sherlock Holmes, a former consultant to Scotland Yard whose addiction problems led him to a rehab center in New York City. Just out of rehab, Holmes now lives in Brooklyn with “sober companion” Joan Watson (Liu), a former surgeon who lost her license after a patient died, while consulting for the NYPD. Michael Cuesta is directing the pilot.

How do you feel about Lucy Liu as Watson?

The next question is who will be playing Lestrade and Moriarty?