This Means War….between me and other critics


Just a short piece on this movie, as Adam and his lovely wife give the full low-down here. But I had to write this as I was so infuriated by the Metro’s analysis of what to me was an excellent film.

However, the trailer for This Means War is far from excellent. In fact it paints a picture of a completely different film. Watch it now to think ‘Hmmm nothing new, very silly, think I’ll go watch The Muppets/Safehouse/TheCollectedWorksOfJuddApatow.’

Don’t Watch That, Read This! This is a poorly put-together trailer which thinks all cinema goers are either frail cat-ladies or gym-going builders.

Remember This Means War is directed by McG – you won’t be seeing Colin Firth in jodhpurs and Kate Winslet in Crinoline. But you will get car chases, action sequences, big explosions and so forth. It’s good for men and women.

Also, it is very funny. I was at a screening of about 50,000 people and they all laughed, repeatedly. Maybe Mr Metro Newspaper you were there too? Were you ashamed that you found two blonde women on screen very amusing (see below)? Does the film warrant a 1 star rating? Really?

This is a pretty good movie – I am giving it a solid 3 stars. It is utterly ridiculous, in places silly but just like Adam mentions, it’s fun.

But the best thing about This Means War isn’t Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon or Captain Robocop Kirk.

The best thing is Chelsea Handler. So if you’re one of her 4.7 MILLION Twitter followers why not go see her on the big screen – she gives old Tina Fey a run for her money – Handler is filthy in this film, she even filths up the Witherspoon just a little. Such as here:

This Means War – proving that trailers and critics sometimes lie. 



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