John Cusack is up for Con Air 2


There has been talk of a sequel to Con Air for a while.

Director Simon West has got plans for a sequel, but did say that it would only work if he could get Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and John Malkovich back together. I’d also like to see Steve Buscemi back.

Nicolas Cage recently said that a sequel would be interesting.

Now the BBC have news that John Cusack has said a “would be fun”.

“I’ll do it, but no one’s offered it to me,” Cusack added.

Nothing definite I know. It does seem that they would all get back together as they enjoyed working on the first one.

Cusack and Cage also finished working on a serial killer movie called The Frozen Ground.

“I hadn’t seen him for years, but we just did [new film] The Frozen Ground – the subject matter was really dark, but it was nice to see and hang with him,” Cusack said.

I would love a Con Air 2 although I am not sure what they could do plot wise to bring them all back together. Any thoughts?

Thakns to Andy M for sending me the news.