Review: Iron Sky


A mostly spoiler free review by Øivind Rosvold.

I watched this movie in Trondheim/Norway at the Kosmorama Film Festival. All the seats where filled and you could tell there where a lot of people in the audience that where eager to see this film, and had been for a long time, including me. There where even some cosplay of soldiers running around before the film stared, just to get everyone into the right atmosphere.

In 1945, the Nazi’s went to the møøn. In 2018, they are cøming back!

As most of you probably know by now, this film’s plot is something you might have found in the 50s VHS shelf under the sign Roger Corman and/or sci-fi/fantasy. It has all the signs of a b-movie, except that, in fact its pretty high quality all round. The effects are very well done, the cinematography and design is pretty awesome, actors are great and their characters very well developed.

Some might find the whole premise a bit absurd, and some will probably just shrug it off as a stupid thing and never watch it. To you people i say.. watch it anyway.. do it for love, do it for peace!

The Semi spøiler: (first 5-10~ minutes are sømewhat talked about here)
The whole movie starts with the US going to the moon again for the first time in 50 years. And its all for some re-election campaign. After the landing, the two astronauts exit the craft and begin walking around. They are soon discovered and we are then taken to the settlement on the moon. The whole setting here is pretty well done, very WWII style everything. From music playing for morale and the schools and housings that reminds you of bunkers and labs. Its harsh but you can also see that they have managed to make it seem realistic and you get immersed in the setting right away, even though its so far fetched its silly. The troopers/stormtroopers? have insanely cool armor that fits right in with the 1940s style the rest of the architecture/technology has. Even their flying saucers and other crafts/vehicles are painstakingly made to give you the impression that this is WWII technology taken to new heights. Someone really went to great hardship to get this kind of detail and feeling into the overall designs.

The Categøries:
Action, sci-fi, satire and a lot of humor in this film. The satirical parts are pretty much thrown in your face so you won’t miss it. Its nowhere near Verhoeven territory. But when watching this film, i do not believe it was ever meant to be subtle, rather the opposite and they achieved that quite well. Still I would have loved it if they toned down some of it, because it almost just crosses over to parody in some cases. The humor is all round pretty funny, it does not take itself to seriously but some of the slapstick does not fit inn in my opinion and falls flat. The Der Untergang scene (as made famous by youtubers) was hilarious and most people in the audience caught on in under a second after it started. The action is well put together but not used as often as one would think in such a movie as this. Its evenly spread out and excellently crafted when it comes to the more larger battles. The drama was short but effective, there are very few scenes that can be taken seriously in this movie, especially with a plot like this. But the few scenes that where genuinely there to make you emotional or something, where good and actually fit in better than they perhaps should have. The sci-fi part is mostly that its set in 2018 and there are some earth gadgets and tech that looks to fit inn, perhaps a few years ahead of its time, but it fits with the design of the movie and is a great contrast to the technology they use on the moon.

The Møsic:
The music is mostly made/arranged/written and/or performed by Laibach. Its industrial heavy, with some electronic pieces, choirs and orchestral in style. Mostly it fits very nicely with the imagery in the movie, but sometimes they take it a bit over the top hehe. Some might find that fun and exciting in itself, especially when coming from Laibach. They have have built some controversy around them when it comes to believed stances in politics because of their style and their choice of how to promote themselves and their music. Their music is very good in this film. Most tracks hit their targets spot on, some are good enough and others hit a bit over ^^.

The Cløsing:
You can’t make a movie like this without having some holes. Luckily there aren’t many, at least that stick out and gets annoying. It is after all a “Nazi’s on the moon are coming in flying saucers and trying to take over the world” kind of film.

Its hard to put a rating on a movie like this, because there aren’t many movies to judge it up against. I will say this that its one of the best movies of its kind and i had a blast watching it.