Joss Whedon Interview over at Salon

Joss Whedon

Salon have a great interview with the man of the moment Joss Whedon. He talks about his two big movies The Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers plus the good old days of TV.

Some highlites include.

Don’t you have the particular problem with “The Avengers” that there are a zillion comic-book fans who are going to jump on you if you make one tiny mistake?

You know, I suppose you do, but people are always asking me if I’m worried about that. I’m totally not. I feel like, speaking as a lifelong Marvel fan, this movie will deliver unto them. And I know that someone will be like [comic-book guy voice], “I can’t believe they took the purple out of Hawkeye’s outfit! This is the worst movie ever.” Because there’s always gotta be somebody who’s gonna hate…….

I know that Drew Goddard wrote for you on both “Angel” and “Buffy,” and went on to write “Cloverfield.” But this is his directing debut. What convinced you he could pull it off?

His tallness. He looks very commanding up there. Drew and I have told stories together for years, and to each other for years, and a storyteller who is working in a visual medium, you can tell when they have a command of the visual aspect of it……

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Joss Whedon with Captain Americas Shield