Blockbuster @ Home Vs. Netflix

The era of running to the video store to rent a movie is ending, and in its place is instant streaming and DVDs by mail. There are many services that consumers can subscribe to (and spend their money on), so it’s important that the avid movie watcher knows his product. For those of us who want both DVDs by mail and streaming video, Netflix and Blockbuster are the only two options. And while Blockbuster @ Home is a relatively new service (one which consumers may not be as familiar with), the recent addition to dish TV is as good as Netflix.

With Blockbuster @ Home, Dish Network customers can have out up to two disks at a time with an unlimited number of rentals per month. Blockbuster @ Home also has a massive collection of disks, including over 100,000 movies and TV shows and more than 3,000 video games. Blockbuster @ Home is the first DVD-by-mail company to also include video games in their catalog.

Blockbuster @ Home also allows customers exclusive access to movies and games a full twenty-eight days earlier than Netflix in many cases. It has easily the largest catalog of DVD-by-mail and instant streaming videos of any company on the market.

With so many options available for customers who wish to instantly stream movies to their tv or computer, it is necessary to compare and contrast features of each service. While there are many online streaming services, there are only two who send DVDs directly to your mailbox for one low monthly rate; Blockbuster @ Home and Netflix. Despite a significant amount of competitive behavior between the two, it is now clear that Blockbuster @ Home is as good as Netflix for instant streaming and DVD mail delivery. In fact, Blockbuster @ Home is possibly better than Netflix due to its larger catalog, faster title releases, and the addition of video games to their already massive catalog.

Dish TV customers can now enjoy the benefits of Blockbuster @ Home, which provides even more streaming and DVD by mail options than Netflix. Blockbuster @ Home is definitely as good as Netflix, and arguably better.