Prometheus soundtrack listing may contain spoilers


I am beginning to worry that Ridley Scott’s Prometheus may not be the clever piece of sci-fi we have been continuously told it will be.

Spoilers ahead.

Sure it looks very cool, but lots of the trailers seem to be giving away a bit too much making it look like a generic sci-fi horror following the same beats as the original Alien but with some added psuedo-philosophy about the origins of humanity.

From what I have read, seen and guessed from the trailers it will have the humans landing on an unknown planet after misinterpreting a message (thinking it is an invitation when it is a warning), they will discover something alien containing strange pots/eggs, something will get out and infect one of the crew, this will then grow and stark picking off or mutating the other members of the team, a female character will end up doing better than the others, the android (Michael Fassbender) will have an ulterior motive before losing his head, the human spaceship will blow up to try and stop the alien infection/creatures spreading and the alien will not be as dead as we once thought.

That is just my opinion of cource, but we will have to wait and see. I hope I am not disappointed in the film, but they have been promising something special all along.

Bleeding Cool came across the listing for Marc Streitenfeldā€˜s OST and it appears to be a bit spoilery.

1. A Planet
2. Going In
3. Engineers
4. Life*
5. Weyland
6. Discovery
7. Not Human
8. Too Close
9. Try Harder
10. David
11. Hammerpede
12. We were right
13. Earth
14. Infected
15. Hyper Sleep
16. Small Beginnings
17. Hello Mommy
18. Friend From The Past
19. Dazed
20. Space Jockey
21. Collision
22. Debris
23. Planting the Seed
24. Invitation
25. Birth

Do you think Prometheus will live up to our expectations?