New Prometheus TV Spot shows Space Jockeys and horror


Another TV spot for Prometheus and yet more spoilers so watch and read on if you dare.

It shows lots of bits we have already seen, but expands slightly on some of them. That means we get to see what the small tentacle type creature is – it appears to be similar to a facehugger, but without all the fingers, as it makes its way to the victims mouth.

We also see some brief snippets of the Space Jockeys (without their biomechanical suits). I think they may be the biggest disappointment for me as they they appear to be giant bald humanoids. Only their space helmets give them their elephantine appearance which sparked the imagination of so many of us.

Apologies for sounding down on Prometheus. It is just I am expecting such great things from it, yet the more I see of it the more I feel it is just going to be another monster in space movie. That’s fine if that is what they had been saying from the beginning. Instead all involved are saying it is something special and incredibly intelligent.

I hope I am wrong about it.

At the very least I suppose I want to see it all the more to know if my feelings are right.

Source: CBM