New Prometheus poster is a big spoiler – Click on if you dare


I just don’t get it. When Prometheus was being filmed it was shrouded in mystery. Since they marketing has kicked in the footage show was been chock full of spoilers.

This latest poster follows the trend and shows, what could be, a major event in the later part of the film.

At least it is a pretty good poster and not just one with big faces of the cast. I suppose it will get the general cinema going audience interested in the film.

The poster is below so this is your last chance not to look.


I mean it.


It shows something which has featured in a few of the trailers, but now confirms it.


Keep scrolling then.


See what I mean. That is the Prometheus crashing into the Space Jockey spacecraft. We now know Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace are on neither craft when it happens.

Source: PrometheusForum via CBM