Cool Art: The Thing and Walking Dead prints by Mark Englert


If you are a long time Live for Films reader you will know that I really dig John Carpenter’s The Thing and I also love cool art work.

Mark Englert has made me extremely happy by combining both in the absolutely stunningly gorgeous print above, Det er en Slags Ting. Look at the detail on it. You can see the dog and the helicopter.

I am also partial to a bit of The Walking Dead and Mark made the print below, “this is my farm…i’ll die here”.

Both prints have a glow in the dark layer so head on over to Mark’s site for The Thing version and here for The Walking Dead one to see what they look like.

Mark has set up a store, TacoBelvedere, which showcases more of his brilliant art work.

Sadly The Thing print appears to be sold out. A shame as I love it.

Source: Collider