Avengers Collection Helicarrier Blu-Ray Case


As far as I am aware this is just a concept, but does have the ability to store between 30 to 50 discs. That means The Avengers and all the other Marvel Studio films running up to it.

I think it looks great although I have no idea where I would put.

Dave Delisle, who designed it, explains some of the features.

This massive case is designed to hold at least 30 discs. Adding more trays to the main hull can grow that number to 50.
One feature would be removable “wings”, which would act like individual cases. Very handy not just for everyday use, but it would make for smaller packaging if this became a product. Wouldn’t want a huge box hogging up all the shelf space at Best Buy.
Speaking of the size, I know it’s pretty big (the biggest I designed), but it’s not completely out of reason. I estimate 26″ long, 16″ wingspan, and 12″ tall.