The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard – Official Trailer for DLC


“You have found our fortress. You have returned my daughter. But what is it you seek? Is it to be one of us? To make the darkness your own? To feast on the souls of the living?”

Yes this is a trailer for new Skyrim content and it looks fantastic. There is definitely an emphasis on the undead with lots of vampires and zombies. From the voice-over it sounds as if you may be trying to enable vampires to live in the sun.

Looking closer at the trailer it appears you will either be a vampire or one of the Dawnguard, a Van Helsing type group. There will be different vampire beast forms, mounted combat and crossbows!

Oh and a Dragon seems to dive through some ice into a lake.

Called Dawnguard it is the first game add-on for Skyrim. Dawnguard will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE this summer.

I imagine there will be an awful lot on this expansion pack.