Prometheus IMAX Poster is absolute rubbish


Have the design people just given up? That’s the only thing I can think of for this piece of crap they are calling a special edition IMAX poster for Prometheus. I think they were going for something epic and mysterious. Instead they gave us a poorly composed monstrosity that makes it appear that a giant nose is the main focus of the film and that nose has either sneezed out poor Noomi Rapace or she is about to be sucked up it.

An infinite number of monkeys say at an infinite number of drawing boards would look at this poster, agree with me, then continue to throw poo at each other….that’s right. I said poo.

What I find sad is that I get emailed many cool movie posters by many amazingly talented artists who would do anything to make official posters for films. Instead the studios go with whatever is cheapest.

Oh and if you are the designer who put this together then just let me say…look over there. A monkey. Duck!

Exclusively for IMAX fans – those attending the Prometheus midnight shows in North America in the first hours of June 8th receive an exclusive, limited edition poster. The never-before-seen artwork teases the mysteries unlocked in Prometheus, and is available as part of IMAX 12:01. Check for list of participating theatres on; while supplies last.

If you think this is a good poster then convince me in the comments below.

Source: Collider