Prometheus – 5 Word Reviews by you


Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is bound to do well. Most of the reviews say it is a worthwhile watch yet not the classic we were hoping for. Make sure you read Adam and Josh’s reviews.

I asked the mighty people who follow me on Twitter for their 5 word reviews – #5wordprometheus – just to get a feel for the general opinion of the film. This is what you said (possible spoilers ahead):

Ignore the hate, it’s great – Ross Miller

Not what I was expecting – rookin

Not enough space alien monsters! – David

Charlize Theron looked really hot – David

Coolest characters got killed first – David

Looks great; written not well – Mike Williams

Scott’s Alien cock tease falters – London Film Fanatiq

Fassbender made it less disappointing – Jack Norris

Thoroughly entertaining science-fiction epic – Fino76

Brilliant visuals but stupid script – Marcel van Driel

Is not released in Japan – Rintaro Watanabe

Ambitious, spectacular, scary, thought provoking – Fergus Cruickshank

Share your thoughts and 5 word reviews of Prometheus in the comments below.