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Malcolm McDowell talks about Kubrick then lays into Avengers and Star Trek


This is a great interview with McDowell. He talks about the work of Stanley Kubrick and what it was like working on A Clockwork Orange including what happened when he met Gene Kelly.

He says The Avengers was “mindless crap, but fun.” He does go on to say that it was brilliantly done before you get too angry with him.

He does it all with such gusto that it is a pleasure to watch and listen to. He talks about smoking dope with Peter Sellers. I love these type of anecdotes that movies stars have. We very rarely get to hear them these days as most interviews deal with the actors current film or show.

As for Star Trek he says Patrick Stewart in the Star Trek films (might as well “watch paint dry”) and his perspective on killing Capt. James T. Kirk (“I did them a favor”).

Source: Hero Complex

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