Electric Man is going to the San Diego Comic Con


Electric Man, the micro-budget comedy shot in Edinburgh, has been selected for the prestigious San Diego Comic Con International Film Festival on July 13th – the first Scottish movie ever to play at the world famous comic convention. Shot on a budget of just £55,000 the film has already gained nominations and praise . It was nominated in both the script and score categories for the BAFTA New talent awards as well as being shortlisted for Best Feature at the Celtic Media Festival but selection for San Diego is stepping up a league. Director David Barras explains:
“This is a game changer for us. We had already planned for digital distribution later in the year but we were going to limit that to the UK. San Diego is enormous and now we will have to look at a global launch”

The movie was selected as only one of three feature films to play this year’s festival from over 200 initial entries.

“As a small independent movie we have to pick and choose where we go. But San Diego was the holy grail for us. Yes, it has blown a massive hole in the budget but we would be mad not to go. Who wouldn’t want to be at the same convention as Iron Man 3 and the new Superman movie?”

Electric Man is already a Scottish success story but what most people don’t realize is just how Scottish it is. David Barras and Scott Mackay, the director and the writer both come from the same small town in West Lothian but the entire production team consisted of young and hungry Scottish talent. Everyone was local to Edinburgh from the production assistant up to Fish. The ex-Marillion frontman who plays the evil Uncle Jimmy.

Even in the post production and marketing phase – the Scottish influence abounds.

Writer and Associate Producer Scott Mackay complimented the talent we have in Scotland.

“We can’t compete with The Hunger Games for advertising. They had something like $125 million to play with. So we are doing everything digitally. The movie will be sold over the internet and companies like Distrify in Glasgow, Hot Tap Media, Inky Bee, Dmand it and the Modern Guide are all coming together to make sure that the new marketing methods are used to the full…every single one of those companies is Scottish and leading the way in new marketing.”

But as always more could be done. Electric Man is currently looking for a main sponsor to help in their push towards reaching a global audience. As David Barras points out:

“The internet is wonderful but a mixture of the two is required. We will be attending the London Film and Comic Con the week before we fly to San Diego and showing the movie at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square. With a main sponsor on board we could make that into a much bigger event.”

The movie was shot in Edinburgh in late 2010 and made ready for release during 2011. It premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival in February 2012 and had a very successful tour of Scotland thereafter.

The film tells the story of Jazz and Wolf. Two cash-strapped comic shop owners who need £5,000 in a hurry if they are to save their comic shop in Edinburgh. As luck would have it they chance across a copy of Electric Man issue 1 which just happens to be worth £100,000. But there are other people after the comic and it is soon lost, stolen, switched and switched again as Jazz and Wolf try to save both their business and their love lives.

“The Maltese Falcon meets the IT crowd” – Allan Hunter, Screen Daily.


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