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Prometheus set photos show another Engineer from the opening scene


Ridley Scott has said that there are 20 or 30 minutes of deleted scenes from Prometheus. One of these photos from Conor O’Sullivan who worked on the film show some details from the opening scene.

As you can see there were two Engineers at one point in the story. This is not really a spoiler as you do see the main Engineer in the opening moments of the film.

It is the thinner Engineer on the left of the image that is the new addition. I wonder what he did in the deleted scene? It does seem to provide more information about the possibility of there being different factions in the Engineer’s race.

Hopefully the deleted scenes on the Blu-ray will shed some light on this character.

If anyone else, like me, finding that even though they were disappointed in the film that it has stayed with them and raised lots of questions?

The scientists were still bloody stupid though.

More photos below some of which are a bit spoilery and plenty more over at Conor’s photo album.

Thanks to Mathias for sharing this over on the Live for Films Facebook Page.

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