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Star Wars Revisited Fan Edit fixes many of the problems


We all know that George Lucas keeps messing around with Star Wars. Many of the changes have caused outrage while some have never been noticed.

Now a person called Adywan has gone through each frame of Star Wars: A New Hope and fixed many of those problems. He has plans to do the same on all of the films, including the prequels, you can see some of the changes coming to The Empire Strikes Back. The amount of work he has put in is phenomenal and you can download it all for free.

The changes include removing errors such as the film crew being in some shots, revamping the sound mix, adding flashing lights on Vader’s chestplate to tie it in with the other films and so much more – you can see a full list of changes here.

I am sure there may still be things we don’t agree with, but just the fact he has made things consistent throughout the film and fixed simple errors as well as improving on the Blu-ray quality is just amazing.

Untitled from esbr revisited on Vimeo.

Full details on the official site.


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