Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks Prequel


Doctor Who returned over the weekend with Asylum of the Daleks. Personally, I thought it was great. Matt Smith is a fantastic Doctor and the Daleks got a bit of a creepy makeover making them scarier to kids once more.

Spoilers ahead.

It also provided us with a glimpse of the Doctors new Companion in the shape of the gorgeous Jenna Louise Coleman. Although she was playing a different character her witty and intelligent repartee with the Doctor promises some great moments in the future.

I also wonder whether she will crop up as other characters before her official appearance as the new Companion.

We also saw how the Doctor was wiped from the Dalek’s memory banks resulting in the question “Doctor Who?” being asked.

Below is a prequel to the opening episode which shows the Doctor getting a message from a spooky monk and explains how he ended up going to Skaro.

What did you think of the opening episode?

In related news it appears that Neil Gaiman will be writing another episode which will show in the second half of the series.

Source: Bleeding Cool