"This is gonna take crackerjack timing, Wang.”

Cute Hand Made Cthulhu, Obi-Wan, Jawas, Yoda, Ghosts and more


For those of you who keep up on the who’s who of the mighty Live For Films you will know that Lynne aka MondoGhosto is one of the reviewers, writers and wonders of Live For Films HQ.

She has been very busy crafting and setting up her own Etsy shop, Shaky Ghost, selling hand sewn super-cute versions of many cool cult type things – Cthulhu, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Yoda, Admiral Ackbar and many more.

If you like what you see then head on over to the Shaky Ghost Facebook page and give that a ‘Like’ and check out the Etsy store.

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