Take the kids to the movies

When you’re in the midst of winter, outings with the kids can get more difficult to arrange. You need to do stuff that’s inside, and depending on the character of your children there are only so many shopping mall days out that a family can take. Trips to the museum are fine, as long as you can get to a number of different ones without having to drive too far, but again, this gets a bit same-y if you go too often.

What kids never seem to tire of, though, is a trip to the movies. Of course, it’s not just about the film you go and see; it’s the whole experience. There’s no such thing as a healthy cinema snack, yet you can hardly just go past the foyer without buying something. So it’s not only an entertainment fest, your kids also get to indulge in popcorn, sweets, chocolate, ice-cream, nachos or hotdogs at the same time. No wonder they love it!

The problem is that it’s sometimes hard to find a film that you want to watch as much as your kids do! With a ten year old and an eight year old I sometimes wonder if I can really sit through another animated adventure that more or less tells the Finding Nemo story again. We may have different characters and different settings, but don’t you have the feeling that you’ve seen all these movies before?

When I look to see what new films are on at the local cinema, I find myself hoping for one that isn’t animated, but that will still give the kids that magical experience. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so selfish, and just go along as a chaperone, without any expectations about enjoying the film myself. But there are definitely movies that can work at two levels – everyone remembers the classics like Mrs Doubtfire, Home Alone and Uncle Buck.

I’ve not given up just yet though. There are some promising movies coming out in time for Christmas and top of the list has to be The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I might be giving Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger a miss though – maybe I’ll drop the kids off at the theatre door and do some Christmas shopping instead!

Whatever my own view of the new releases coming out, one thing’s for sure; a trip to the movies on a rainy afternoon will always make the children happy.

 Guest Post