Review: Hunted


Hunted was the new spy thriller series from the BBC. Written and created by Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files, Strike Back) It stars Melissa George as Sam Hunter. A spy who appears to be killed twice in the opening episode, going into hiding for a year. After getting back in shape by lots of fell running and holding her breath under water she then returns to work for a security company called Byzantium.

Instead of being happy for her return her colleagues, including Stephen Dillane, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Adam Rayner, are suspicious of her return. Before you know it she is infiltrating the household of tycoon Jack Turner (Patrick Malahide).

The first episode is full of action. Lots of shooting, running, nudity, double crosses and more. Nobody trusts anybody else and everyone is trying to work out what everybody else is doing.

The series has great production values with some great shots of London and it does show the big budget on screen. Melissa George played a similar character when she starred in Alias, but this time the focus is one her and she does a pretty good job as the lead character trying to uncover various secrets. She excels in the action scenes.

Unfortunately the main problem seems to be that the storyline could have been told over 2 or 3 episodes, but was instead stretched to 8. That means, at times, it felt that many of the scenes were drawn out or just there for padding.

Hunter’s investigation while posing as a nanny while not know who she can or cannot trust should have been gripping all the way through the series. Again it would have worked so much better over a couple of episodes and then go on to another mission after that.

There were also a few problems with the supporting cast. Not all of them appear to be at the top of their game leading to some wooden acting in scenes that demand high tension. Instead any tension is quickly deflated.

Every episode should have been a mix of Bourne, Spooks and Mission: Impossible but it just couldn’t seem to carry it over all eight episodes.

A shame as there is definite potential in the exploits of Samantha Hunter.

The BBC have said they will not be making a second series although Cinemax are currently looking into going ahead without the partnership with the BBC.

Hunted is currently available to buy on Blu-ray and DVD.