Vin Diesel to play Kojak. Who loves ya baby?


KojakIs this casting based purely on the fact that both Vin Diesel and Kojak are bald?

Telly Savalas played Kojak in the original 1970s TV show and now Universal Pictures are pushing the remake forward. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have been hired to write the screenplay.

Deadline have the news that Vin Diesel is set to play lollipop loving cop and he will also produce the film.

Purvis and Wade wrote the screenplay for Skyfall so they are kind of hot right now.

The remake will be updated and set in the present day.

To be honest I am not sure how I feel about this one. Not about the fact it is a remake, but just if there is a need for this one. I have never thought to myself we need to see an updated Kojak. How do you feel about it?

It could be interesting to see Diesel in a role that is not all about the big action scenes. Although that depends on which way they go with the story. It would be good to see Vin do a bit of acting and sleuthing just for a change.