Shadow of the Colossus adaptation gets a Writer


Shadow-of-the-Colossus-QuadratusChronicle’s Josh Trank joined the project of adapting the PS2 game, Shadow of the Colossus, back in 2012. According to THR Justin Marks wrote an early draft of the script when the project was given the go ahead in 2009.

It now appears that Seth Lochhead (co-writer of Hanna) is attached to work on the script.

The game’s storyline focuses on a young man named Wander who enters a forbidden land. Wander must travel across a vast expanse on horseback and defeat sixteen massive beings, known simply as colossi, in order to restore the life of a girl named Mono. The game is unusual within the action-adventure genre in that there are no towns or dungeons to explore, no characters with which to interact, and no enemies to defeat other than the colossi. Shadow of the Colossus has been described as a puzzle game, as each colossus’ weakness must be identified and exploited before it can be defeated – Wiki

I always loved the look of the game, but never got round to playing it. However, I know many people absolutely adore the game.

It should work extremely well on a purely visual basis and it will all depend what they do with the script to ensure it engages on an emotional level.

How do you feel about a film based on the game? What do they need to do to ensure it works? Who should play Wander?