Möbius – Trailer for Jean Dujardin and Tim Roth’s new thriller


Mobius-PosterEric Rochant directs Möbius while Luc Besson produced it.

I am used to seeing Dujardin in the OSS 117 films and The Artist so watching him in a thriller like this should be a good change.

Grégory Lyubov, a Russian intelligence officer is sent to Monaco to monitor the actions of a powerful businessman. As part of this mission, the team recruits Alice, a gifted finance. Suspecting his betrayal, Gregory will break the golden rule and contact with Alice, his undercover agent. Arises between them a passion that will not inevitably hasten their downfall.

The film also stars Cécile De France and Emilie Dequenne.

Möbius is due out in France in 27th February.

Source: Twitch