Mimesis trailer imagines what it would be like to be trapped in horror film


MIMESISQuite a nice idea behind this indie film. Imagine being stuck in one of your favourite horror movies? In this case it is George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead.

For over a century, fans have had their blood curdled and spins chilled by the vicarious thrills of horror films. Whether populated by ghouls, slashers, zombies or vampires, fans flocked to have their pulse quickened and exercise their scream-generating skills. But one thing remained constant: eventually the story ended, because it was only a movie. What if it didn’t have to end? What if the next level of horror was to experience a horror film from the inside?

Directed by Douglas Schulze and written by Joshua Wagner.

Watch the trailer below.

mi·me·sis [mi-mee-sis, mahy-]
1. Rhetoric . imitation or reproduction of the supposed words of another, as in order to represent his or her character.
2.a. imitation of the real world, as by re-creating instances of human action and events or portraying objects found in nature: This movie is a mimesis of historical events.
b. the showing of a story, as by dialogue and enactment of events.

Thanks to Quiet Earth for spotting this one.