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Chris Pratt will lead the Guardians of the Galaxy


Chris Pratt headshotThere have been many actors rumoured to be in the running for the lead role of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, in the Marvel Studios film, Guardians of the Galaxy.

It appears that Marvel have chosen the lead for the James Gunn directed film and that man is Chris Pratt (Moneyball) according to Deadline.

He can currently be seen on the big screen in Zero Dark Thirty and he also plays Andy Dwyer in the NBC series Parks And Recreation. The fact he can do action and comedy is a big plus for the film. It also helps in that he is not, well not yet, a huge name star making it easier for people to buy into him as the intergalactic Star-Lord.

Here is a bit of background on the character via Wiki:

Peter Quill is born during an unusual astronomical phenomenon when many of the planets align. Seeing no resemblance, the man who believed he was Quill’s father accuses his wife Meredith of infidelity and attempts to kill the infant, but dies of a sudden heart attack. Quill is raised by his single mother until she is killed by an alien. Quill is placed in an orphanage but escapes and eventually becomes a trainee NASA astronaut. An alien entity called the Master of the Sun eventually visits the space station that Quill and other astronauts are inhabiting, and offers the mantle of Star-Lord (an interplanetary policeman) to a worthy candidate. Quill volunteers, but is rejected in favor of a colleague he once treated badly.
Quill is outraged, and NASA orders his return to Earth and discharge for his conduct. Instead, he steals a scoutship, returns to the space station, and takes his colleague’s place. Quill becomes Star-Lord, with the Master of the Sun first creating an illusion in which the character is able to find and kill the aliens that murdered his mother to free him of his past. Equipped with a sentient vessel called “Ship”, Quill commences his role as Star-Lord

As you can see from the photo he shared once he was in shape for Zero Dark Thirty he has the right physique for a comic book hero.

chris pratt

How do you feel about Chris Pratt as Peter Quill?

The film is due out in August 2014.