Hitman is getting a reboot with Paul Walker


Paul WalkerThe 2007 adaptation of the Hitman video game starring Timothy Olyphant was a bit of a misfire critically. A shame really as there is a lot of potential in the character of Agent 47. However, it did make over $100 million.

Fox are going to give the game another go with a reboot starring Paul Walker (Fast & Furious films). Skip Woods and Michael Finch have written the script which will be directed by Aleksander Bach, making his feature debut.

Deadline had the news and confirm that Walker will be shaving his head for the role and filming will take place in Berlin and Singapore.

I thought the first film was miscast, although I do like Olyphant as an actor, and I feel that they have miscast it again with Paul Walker. Maybe Vin Diesel would have been better.

To be honest I am not sure who would be good as Agent 47. Maybe somebody a bit older and scarier looking. Any thoughts?

How do you feel about another Hitman movie?