Best Movie Bank Robberies – “You’re Only Supposed To Blow The Bloody Doors Off!”


Everyone loves a job well done, don’t they? Especially if that job involves some silver-screen desperadoes sticking it to the man with a perfectly crafted bank heist! Here are some of the best (spoilers ahead):


You’d be utterly Radio Rental not to enjoy the original Italian Job (not so sure about the remake). Michael Caine plays an absolute blinder as his loveable band of crafty crooks nick a load of gold off the Italians. Their cover: an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE traffic jam that turns Turin into the biggest car park in Western Europe. Their getaway: three nippy little Minis, and one great big bus with a driver who really should have taken his test a few more times.


If you were going to rob a bank (don’t do it kids!), you’d want to completely outfox the boys in blue, wouldn’t you? The robbers in Spike Lee’s Inside Man tie the police in knots. Dressing up all the hostages like their captives leads to a lot of head scratching down at the station, because no one can work out who’s guilty or innocent. Even worse, the baddies left the big juicy vault untouched – or so the rozzers think.

If nothing else, Inside Man is a reminder that good things come to those who wait. Anyone else fancy a Guinness?


This is the true story of a good guy gone bad: Andre Stander was a South African police officer who would rob banks on his lunch break (beats waiting in line at Tesco) and then return in the afternoon to ‘investigate’ his own crimes. Clever stuff, huh?

In the film, Stander (played by Thomas Jane) gets away with his crimes because they’re just too damn unbelievable. I mean, no one suspects a police officer has enough time to rob a bank, given the mountains of paperwork they have to get through each day!

Eventually, though, his luck runs out. Trying to lay low in America, he steals a car and gets chased by the police (which is an excellent way to stay unnoticed, don’t you think?) before getting himself shot. For someone as clever as Stander, that was a pretty dumb thing to do!


Everyone’s favourite hard nut Clint Eastwood crops up this World War 2 caper, which sees a bunch of American soldiers going after a stack of Nazi gold. Recruiting the rest of his platoon to carry out the swindle, Clint has the help of a Sherman tank driven by cracked commander Oddball (which comes in handy when they have to battle it out against the pesky Germans in a final showdown!). We Three Kings is worth checking out if you’re after something similar in a more serious vein.

If you’re not scrambling for your DVD collection right now, or hitting ‘buy’ online, why not? It’d be a crime (hah) to miss out!

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