The Cosmonaut – Trailer for new crowd funded sci-fi film


El_Cosmonauta_Teaser_PosterDirector Nicolas Alcala and Riot Cinema Collective used crowd funding to put this film together.

I must admit that the synopsis really grabbed me.

1975. Unable to return to Earth, the first Russian cosmonaut sent on a mission to the Moon is declared missing. However, through ghostly radio transmissions, he claims to having returned… and not finding a living soul on Earth. His unreal presence and voice will slowly destroy the world of his beloved ones.

It is also described as a Transmedia project with 30 webisodes, an alternate ending, a secret shortfilm, various books and more.

Check out the official site and Facebook page.

The Cosmonaut Trailer (In all your screens – May 14th 2013) from Riot Cinema on Vimeo.

Source: Twitch