New photos of Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly



A couple of new image from Grace Of Monaco, the Olivier Dahan directed film that stars Nicole Kidman as actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly, Tim Roth as Monaco’s Prince Rainier III, have turned up online.

The film centers on Kelly’s behind-the-scenes moves to prevent war between France and Monaco. Not by combat or espionage, but through a series of discussions which convinced their President, Charles de Gaulle, six months to let tax reforms be worked out.

It may, or may not, be very factual.

“We have absolutely no connection with this project, which claims to portray our parents’ lives. The film is for us to see not a biographical work, but portrays only part of our mother’s life, which is made meaningless glamorous and contains historical inaccuracies and scenes that are pure fiction, “ said Prince Albert and his sisters Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphanie, according to several foreign media


Source: Politiken via Bleeding Cool