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Bale and Nolan to bring Batman back in a Justice League movie?


Batman_and_Superman_by_JPRartIn the past El Mayimbe of Latino Review has been pretty good with getting comic book movie scoops – Nolan and Goyer working on a Superman movie, Heath Ledger being offered the role of Joker, Ben Kingsley playing Mandarin, Thanos in Avengers. There are more, but you get the idea.

However, recently there seems to be a sense of hunting for the next big scoop is taking precedence over just finding good news to share and wanting to be a part of the news instead of just reporting on it. The Planet Hulk news they broke has since had conflicting reports saying it probably won’t be happening and Joss Whedon has said it is nonsense in this video from IGN.

I suppose I am not helping by sharing this, but I wanted to go over a few things.

Before that let us take a look at the news from El Mayimbe.

According to him Christopher Nolan is overseeing all aspects of the DC Comics movies over at Warner Bros. Zack Snyder, who directed Man of Steel, is going to produce some of the films and is rumoured to direct the Justice League movie. His big scoop is that Christian Bale is supposed to be coming back to play Batman in a Justice League or World’s Finest movie with Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Justice League Scoop! from Mayimbe Media on Vimeo.

The main thing is that this rumour is not new. There have been rumours of Christian Bale as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman teaming up for a movie for over a year. Think McFly Think posted something about it way back in August 2011.

Back then they said:

One version where the World’s Greatest Detective is firmly established and helps mentor an up-and-coming, fresh-faced Supes and vice versa. Essentially, they’re hoping they can woo Christian Bale back into the cape-and-cowl for a fourth time and in case the Oscar-winner tells them, “No thanks, I’m done!”, they’ll go for a new actor altogether. Both versions would feature Henry Cavill’s Last Son of Krypton.

I remember reading of Bale chatting about the plan being for three Batman films, then a Superman movie, followed by a team up movie. Sadly I can’t find a link for that so you will have to ignore that chat I suppose.

Bale has also said he would only ever think about returning to play Batman if Nolan was involved.

Yet after The Dark Knight Rises Nolan did say that his Batman story was done and he did wrap things up for Bruce Wayne. Would Nolan put aside his artistic vision to bring Batman back? Thereby cheapening what had gone before?

Plus Nolan always said his Batman was grounded in reality and could not exist in a world with a Superman.

I suppose with the right amount of money you could be convinced to do so. Yet, once again, this is all just rumour and an old rumour brought fourth as if it is new.

However, they could bring Bale’s Batman back in a way similar to the comic books by having a multiverse – parallel dimensions with different versions of the characters.

Therefore, using the Man of Steel film as a basis, you could reintroduce Bale as Bruce Wayne and Batman, plus you could change his Batman to one more closely associated with the Justice League. With a well written script and a good framing device this would be a good way to go.

Personally I would prefer it if they just recast Batman for a World’s Finest or Justice League movie.

At the moment I am marking this up as a big honking rumour and will wait to see how Man of Steel does at the box office.

How would you feel about Bale returning to play Batman in a Justice League film? Should they ignore what happened in The Dark Knight Rises or stick closely to that continuity and find a way to get Wayne to put on the cape and cowl once more?

This fan film trailer for World’s Finest by Sandy Collora may give you a better idea about a Superman Batman team up.

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