Comic Book Fans listen up. Check out the Stasis Comic Frames



For those of you, like me, who enjoy the pleasure of collecting comics there are always a few issues you want to show off. Whether they are signed by your favourite artist or writer, variant covers, rare issues or just have a really cool cover it is not always possible to look after them in any old frame.

That’s why Stasis Comic Frames may be for you. I am going to be picking up a couple. Here is the press release:

Now, for the first time, comic collectors have a solution for displaying their comics safely, without the fear of them fading.

Stasis Comic Frames have been designed with wide, modern black glossy borders and special clear acrylic, all chosen to enhance the colours of the comic held within.

Each frame comes ready to hang and is held together with just four screws, so swapping your comics in and out is quick and easy. Full instructions and gloves for handling your frame and your comic are also included.

Stasis Comic Frames offer multiple options for the comic collector:

  • Single frames come in Modern or Silver Age sizes, with options for standard or Museum grade clear acrylic (which stops 99.99% of all harmful UV light).

  • Double frame – For variants, connecting covers and wrap-a-round covers

  • Triple frame – For variants and connecting covers

  • Quadruple frame – For variants and connecting covers

Stasis Comic Frames also offers a bespoke service for customers wanting to frame an entire story arc, specific artists work, or variants from a set.

Stasis Comic Frames: Protecting Your Heroes!

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