First look at the Space Hulk video game



Although there was a teaser trailer out last year, these are the first screenshots from Games Workshop’s Space Hulk video game.

Space Hulk was originally a fantastic board game. My brother and I played it all the time when we were much younger (then he sold it…I eventually forgave him…eventually).

The game sees you controlling a team of Space Marines (modified humans in big Terminator armour) who explore Space Hulks – various space craft that have been melded into one and travel through the universe. On board are different nasty creatures, most notably Genestealers.

The game will feature 12 missions playable either solo or with a partner. Solo players will control the Blood Angels in their fight against AI aliens, whereas teaming up with another person will allow one player to choose Space Marines while the other controls the aliens. Nothing as been confirmed yet, but the “Space Hulk” board game has been out for years and experienced several expansions, meaning it’s entirely possible the digital version will also have future expansions.

The game is due out sometime in 2013 on PC, Mac and iOS.


Source: Forbes